CorrelAid has two Zoom pro licenses. If you want to have a link for an event, please contact either Frie or Nina or Phil depending on the area your event will fall into:
  • Account 1 - education and projects: Frie + Nina
  • Account 2 - CorrelAidX: Phil

Recording a Zoom event

Sometimes, you might want to record a Zoom event (for example, a OODM or a workshop of the project cycle). Here are our recommendations to keep the identities of the participants out of the recording:
  • the speaker should share their screen
  • host: switch to speaker view (not gallery)
  • host: use the spotlight feature to spotlight the speaker and the moderator (typically the host functions as the moderator)
  • with this setup...
    • participants can ask questions without appearing in the recording
    • the host can have the chat open overlaying the zoom recording -> this is independent of the recording feature
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