Video conferences

Google Meet

Through Google for Nonprofits, CorrelAid has access to premium Google Meet features. Those include up to 100 participants, breakout rooms, whiteboards, and many more. See here for an overview. If you need to record a meeting (e.g. a meetup), you need to use Zoom instead.

If you have a Google Workspace account, you can create Meets by going to Alternatively, you can directly add Google Meets to calendar events you create in your personal CorrelAid calendar.


CorrelAid has two Zoom pro licenses. If you want to have a link for an event, please contact either Frie or Nina or Isabel depending on the area your event will fall into:

  • Account 1 - education and projects: Frie

  • Account 2 - CorrelAidX: Isabel

Recording a Zoom event

Sometimes, you might want to record a Zoom event (for example, a OODM or a workshop of the project cycle). Here are our recommendations to keep the identities of the participants out of the recording:

  • the speaker should share their screen

  • host: switch to speaker view (not gallery)

  • host: use the spotlight feature to spotlight the speaker and the moderator (typically the host functions as the moderator)

  • with this setup...

    • participants can ask questions without appearing in the recording

    • the host can have the chat open overlaying the zoom recording -> this is independent of the recording feature

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