Cooperation Agreements

Please see our license contract as main reference.

1. General

1.1 The local group is supervised by CorrelAid's organization team throughout Germany (hereafter referred to as CorrelAid Germany).

1.2 The local group is represented by a community manager.

1.3 The purpose of the local group is to implement the mission of CorrelAid. The CorrelAid Ethics Codex must always be followed (see Appendix 1).

1.4 The local group is aware that their activities will be perceived as representative of the entire CorrelAid community.

2. Relations between local group and CorrelAid Germany

2.1 CorrelAidX insert city name is part of CorrelAid e.V. and does not exist as a standalone organization. Exceptions are possible, but must be clarified individually with CorrelAid Germany.

2.2 If projects are planned with local social organizations, this should be discussed with the Core Team. A possible project is subsequently not mediated and project members are not chosen by the local group but by CorrelAid Germany (in cooperation with the local group).

2.3 Contact persons at local level are authorized to communicate on behalf of CorrelAid e.V. for the purpose of project acquisition and the acquisition of interested persons. However, you should use the addition CorrelAidX insert city name .

2.4 The local group communicates all events and local initiatives to CorrelAid Germany.

3. Cooperations and sponsoring

3.1 Cooperations with university groups, student councils, local organizations and companies are desired. But these have to be discussed in advance with the local group coordinator at CorrelAid Germany.

3.2 Should a budget be required for events or initiatives, this may be requested from CorrelAid Germany.

4. Communication

4.1 For general publicity work, the CorrelAid Style Guide must be followed (see note B). General:

4.2 The local group will be provided with an individual logo which is to be used.

4.3 For the public relations work the social media channels of CorrelAid Germany are to be used (Facebook and Twitter). It is not intended that local groups set up their own channels. Exceptions are possible, but to clarify with CorrelAid Germany individually. Upon request, the community manager can get write access to the social media channels.

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