The aim of workshops is to increase the professional and content-related competence of CorrelAidX members. This includes both the basic introduction to R and Python, as well as the learning of specific knowledge and packages within both programming languages. Depending on the demand, workshops should always be thought through at the beginning of the semester. This decision should include the level of input of the members and the skills of the teachers.

If there is a basic idea of the upcoming workshops, the planning for the first workshop should be started. Based on this example all following workshops can be planned. Basically one should assume that after 90 minutes learners are hardly able to process new information. Therefore, the planning should be created for about 90 minutes. A workshop session includes a brief conceptual introduction to the current session, collaborative editing of an R or Python script, and self-paced learning by learners.

The R or Python scripts do not have to be developed completely on your own. CorrelAid Germany offers teachers a basic set of R and Python scripts which can be used as a basis to plan your own workshop. If there is no template available already, it is up to the teacher to provide the script to CorrelAid Germany.

Workshops are most easily held in seminar rooms at the university. In this case, student councils can be asked for their support, as they are generally allowed to book seminar rooms. For the individual workshops invitations should be sent via social media posts at least two weeks in advance. Here the basic topic of the workshop should be explained already. In addition to the invitation, at least two reminders should be sent around so that the number of potential participants and people reached is as high as possible.

At the beginning of the workshop, the teacher explains the concrete content of the workshop and structures the lessons in accordance with their own teaching concept. Both the teacher and the students should feel comfortable in the workshop and not feel overwhelmed. At the end of the workshop, the teacher should announce to the topic of the next upcoming workshop, if applicable.

Should a relatively large number of workshops be offered, it is possible for CorrelAidX units to issue a certificate to learners about learning the basics in R or Python. In this case a attendance list must be maintained. In the best case, tasks are provided to the learners which must be solved on their own.

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