E-mail templates to contact NPOs

If you want to approach an NPOs that does not know CorrelAid yet, we prepared an email template for you. Please find the English as well as the German version below.

Official CorrelAid info email blurb:

CorrelAid e.V. is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the democratisation of data science. We are an inclusive network of data enthusiasts from different professional and academic backgrounds, united by our interest in data science and our belief in its potential for civil society and the public good.

Our volunteers work in pro-bono “skilled volunteering” projects with various non-profit organisations, associations and initiatives to give them access to data-driven solutions. In addition, we empower civil society actors to explore the world of data science on their own through data literacy workshops and events. You can find some of our completed projects as well as our comprehensive educational offers on our website. To stay up to date, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

CorrelAid Bremen

Dear _______, I'd like to introduce you to the Data for Good initiative "CorrelAid". CorrelAid e.V. is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the distribution and democratisation of modern data analysis. We offer an inclusive (learning) platform for people from different professional and academic backgrounds. The common denominator is that we are interested in modern data analysis and want to use its potential for public interests. We work on a voluntary basis in "skilled volunteering" projects with various non-profit organisations, associations and civil society initiatives. Our aim is not only to give actors in the third sector a theoretical understanding of the importance of data analysis to better achieve their goals, but also to give them practical access to data-based solutions. Our three guiding principles are: Data Science for Good, Data Science for Tomorrow, Data Science for Society. You can find more details on our website https://correlaid.org/. A planning group of volunteers from [city] is in the process of setting up a local group called CorrelAidX [city]. We already have a network of volunteer data analysts on site. With this we want to address and promote the use of data analysis in [city]. If you are interested in a data project or would like to learn more about our Data-for-Good approach, please contact us at ([stadt]@correlaid.org). We would be very happy to work together in the future. With kind regards, [Name]

CorrelAid Nederland

This first part is very generic and can be used for any “cold call” email.

Dear X, I am writing to you on behalf of CorrelAid XXX, a group that aims to build a network of data scientists / data enthusiasts that work pro bono for organizations that do good. We organize meetups, hackathons, and engage in longer-term projects with organisations. Currently, we are collaborating with ... among others.

In addition to helping NGOs that advance the social good, our goal is also an educational one. We want to provide students or young professionals with the opportunity to apply their data science skills in the real world, getting hands-on experience.

This part now is specific for Professors who teach certain courses.

We noticed that you are teaching XX, and believe that students taking this course might be interested in our initiative. If you agree, would it be possible for you to inform them about us? Our website is XX, and our newsletter --- through which we update our pool of data scientists / data enthusiasts about new meetups, hackathons, and projects --- is XX.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for your time!

This part now is specific for meetups where we can speak.

We were thinking that attendants of XX might be interested in hearing about our initiative. Would it be possible to speak at XX?

I am looking forward to your reply, and thank you for your time!

On behalf of CorrelAid XXX, NAME

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