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The purpose of this short design guideline is to explain the use of our CorrelAid-specific corporate design and to reinforce the consistent use of visual elements in all communication. This includes publications, presentations and all other marketing materials both online and offline. Our Corporate Identity was developed by Das Gute Ruft - Agentur für öko-soziale Unternehmen und Vereine - the information listed here is based on the Design Guide from June 2018.

The Design Guide is available in our Google Workspace. You can find all logos / existing designs in the Google Workspace as well as in the Canva-Team:


The CorrelAid main logo is the central element of the brand's visual identity. It is a word-image brand - this makes the logo flexible and usable for a wide range of applications.

Main Logo

There are three variations of this main logo which can be used on dark and light ground, with slogan or without. The files are stored as .png and .svg in the Google Workspace.

Local Chapter Logos

The CorrelAidX logos are an adaptation of the main logos. In addition to the "C", the logo also shows the suffix "X" which expresses that CorrelAid is available in various cities. Instead of the claim the city name is inserted in line 2. If you want to customize a logo specifically for your city, please contact Isabel or the #pr-team. The logos are stored as .png and .svg in the Google Workspace.

Here's an example:

CorrelAidX Label

Additional Logos

For some events we need more specific logos that can be easily and quickly designed with Canva. Please check the PR-folder in the Google Workspace or the Canva-Team folder for more designs.

If you need a special CorrelAid logo version, just contact contact Isabel or the #pr-team. To avoid brand confusion, please do not create your own logo versions.

Color Concepts

Looking at the previous two logos, it becomes clear that there are two different colour concepts for the CorrelAid and CorrelAidX main brands. These are briefly explained here.

Color Segments CorrelAid

The colors for easier copy+paste:

  • green: 96c342

  • blue: 3863a2

  • red: f04451

  • grey: 3c3c3b

The CorrelAid logo picks up the colour spectrum from green to blue. The color red is primarily used in the logo design of CorrelAid X (cities / regional organizations). In addition, dark grey is used as a contrast color. Please adhere to the given color values in future designs and representations in order to keep our products combinable.

Color Segements CorrelAidX

The CorrelAidX logo picks up the colour spectrum from red to blue. Besides the X, the color red is a main differentiator between CorrelAid and CorrelAid X and should therefore be used uniformly. Dark grey is again used as contrast colour.


The font family "Roboto" was chosen for the corporate design of CorrelAid. In detail we use Roboto Regular, Light and Bold - please do not use any other fonts for the sake of uniformity. "Roboto Regular" is usually used for text body and headings are in "Roboto Light" (optionally capitalized). On top of that, "Londrina Solid Regular" can be used for highlighted text (mainly on Social Media).


CorrelAid has a Canva Pro-Account, on which certain basic rules, such as club colors, logos, fonts, etc. are already maintained. There are a lot of templates for flyers, social media posts etc. in the layout folder of the team. If you want to design a product (flyer, poster, FB banner...) for your local group / information event, please contact Isabel or the #pr-team to get access to the CorrelAid-Team in Canva.

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