What is CorrelAidX?

CorrelAid is a network of young data analysts who use their knowledge acquired from study and career to help non-profit organizations to better understand and analyze their data. CorrelAid is based on three pillars:

  1. Consultancy: In Germany - and more and more in Europe - , we play a pioneering role in data analysis consulting for organizations with a social mandate.

  2. Networking: We connect young and dedicated data scientists and provide them with a platform to apply and expand their knowledge.

  3. Dialogue: We also initiate dialogues on the value and benefits of data and data analysis for civil society.

Our three pillars - consultancy, networking, dialogue - should also be implemented on a local level, with the focus being on local opportunities. First of all ambitious and data-affine people should find each other. Whether you bring mainly local people together and train them ( networking ), conduct local projects ( consultancy ) or discuss the relationship of data and society ( dialogue ) - you are free in your choice. This handbook will give you an overview of different formats at the local level. Within this handbook the collected knowledge from already implemented formats flows together in order to aid you in an uncomplicated implementation. The appendix contains templates that you can use to create your own events. If you have any questions or suggestions, please pass them on to Isabel (isabel.w@correlaid.org), as this guide is designed to grow together with CorrelAid and your experiences. Have fun browsing and do not be afraid to try it. 😉

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