Introducing CorrelAid

Every now and then there is the possibility to present CorrelAid as an organization at the university or also at conferences / meetings / MeetUps. The format is completely free at this point as long as you and the organizers feel that CorrelAid can make a contribution and / or is interesting for the participants. Of course, in addition to presenting at external events, you may also like to take the initiative: Fore example, you can send a mail to your university mailing list to make them aware of your group. This may also combined with a (founding) event.

Various events in which CorrelAid could contribute or present themselves would be, for example, student councils or university mailing lists, student initiative fairs, similar organization events (Code for Germany, Open Knowledge Foundation) or panel discussions and conferences in the field of data analysis / civil society engagement.

In order to make your presentation a little easier, we have put together presentations and information materials that you are welcome to use. We can already prepare for you:

  • Sticker & flyer (still in the old design, currently redesign in progress)

  • Poster (general and project schedule)

  • Presentation texts in different lengths or verbosities

  • Powerpoint presentations for different addressees

  • Reusable stock photos

  • Standard cover letter separated by addressee for hosting various events

The material can be found on our Google Drive, for which you must first be activated as a user. When preparing an event or contribution, please contact the Community Manager at CorrelAid. Here we can jointly consider which formats and documents fit best for you.

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The CorrelAid Docs are licensed under CC-BY 4.0.