Here, you can find all templates and tools that we provide to you as project coordinators / project team members.

I (Frie) know that there are pain points especially with regards to project acquisition (what NPOs are out there? What do I tell them to get them excited on ?). I am working on both finding a technical solution (GDPR compliant, ...) and developing standardized material that you can use to reach out.


General project coordination / project management

You can find the templates in the Google Docs Template Gallery and the Google Slides Template Gallery. You can then create new file(s) from the templates. Alternatively, you can find all the relevant template documents sorted by phase in this Google Drive folder. You can then create a copy of the file you need (File --> make a copy)


Project acquisition

Scoping & Call for Applications

Scoping & Call for Applications

Team selection

Team selection



Project follow up

  • Templates on Google Drive

    • Template for Public Project Summary (for the website)

    • Template for summary slides

    • Template Certificate of Participation (optional)


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