GitHub and GitLab


We use GitHub for version control of most of our projects, both internal and with non-profit organizations. You can find our organization here.
There are different levels of permissions:
  1. 1.
    Members of the CorrelAid Core Team are members of the GitHub organization. Through the GitHub Team coreteam , they have access to a lot of repositories (except of project repositories).
  2. 2.
    Some of the members of the organization are also owners of the GitHub organization. That means that they can delete and manage repositories, invite new members etc. (see GitHub help)
  3. 3.
    Everyone else - project team members, "temporary" core team members, external collaborators are added as collaborators with read/write access to the relevant repositories they need access to. They are not added to the GitHub organization. From the GitHub help:
Outside collaborators: Repository collaborators can include organization members or outside collaborators. An outside collaborator is a person who has access to one or more organization repositories but is not explicitly a member of the organization, such as a consultant or temporary employee. (


We also have a GitLab organization:
However, we currently do not use it for much. If you want to work with GitLab in your project for any reason, we can also host the project repository there. No problem.


I want to create a GitHub / GitLab repository for my project and add my team to it. How do I do it?

Please post a Slack message to #infrastructure with:
  • the name you want the repository to have
  • the GitHub / GitLab user names of the project team members
  • whether the project should be public or private

I can't push to the Git repository ("access rights" error). What's up there?

You don't seem to have the correct permissions. Ping Frie in Slack (@frie) and they'll grant you the correct permissions.
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