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In the few last weeks of the project work phase or after you have handed over the project to the NPO, the project coordinator will approach you as a team in order to ensure that the project is properly documented and CorrelAid has a good record of what you have achieved in the project. In addition, after the project has been finished, you'll be asked to fill in a feedback survey.

Why is this important?

We want to be able to talk about how you have helped the organization / what you have achieved as a team. CorrelAid volunteers do a lot of good and it is important to us as an organization to honor the time and effort you put into the project.

Besides, good success stories are also the best way to attract new projects! And even if your project was not a success, we still can learn from it to improve our work.

So what do you as a project team need to do?

Talk about your project

Public project summary for NPOs

Describe your project for NPOs: Often, NPOs do not really have an idea what they could do with their data, and examples really help them to get a first idea. This often leads to new project opportunities for CorrelAid volunteers. With the "public summary for NPOs", we want to create content for NPOs who are trying to understand what Data4Good projects look like. Those project summaries will be part of our website.

In order to make writing this summary easier for you, we have created a template with some questions - both German and English versions are included. Please copy the template to a new pad and write away. If possible, please write the summary in German - we'll translate if necessary. You should also check back with your contact person at the organization to make sure that they agree with your statements.

Project slides

One of our goals is to create awareness about the potential of data for the civic society. In order to do so, CorrelAiders often present CorrelAid and our idea at events, conferences or meetups. For those presentations, it is very useful to have concrete use cases from our work. Hence, we have created a Google slides presentation with one-slide summaries of all projects. You can add your project to this collection. Choose whatever language version is easier to do for you (we'll translate it if needed).

  1. Copy the slide you want to use. You can find them at the end the presentation.

  2. If you include results / screenshots that are not publicly available anyway, please make sure to get an "ok" from the organization via email. If you're unsure whether this is needed, talk to your project coordinator.

  3. Update your team and the project coordinator once you have filled in the slides.

If anything is unclear, please ask Frie for help.

Blog post (optional)

If you want to share more about your project with the CorrelAid network and a more technical audience (e.g. the #rstats community), you are invited to write a blog post for our CorrelAid blog and/or the CorrelAid Codes blog. Topics could be:

  • details of the technical implementation / approach (-> CorrelAid Codes)

  • what you learned in the project (-> CorrelAid Codes)

  • your experience collaborating with the NPO (-> CorrelAid blog)

If you're interested in writing a blog post, please head to the #pr and/or the #pr-dev-blog channel and ping @Yannik and @frie to discuss this further.

Ps: if you have a personal blog, you can also cross-post the blog post there!

Podcast (optional)

If you're more into podcasts and having a nice conversation about your project instead of writing about it, the team of our podcast CorrelTalk would love to have you on! The team is always looking for new conversation partners, especially from our Data4Good projects. If you're interested in being on the podcast, head to #podcast and ping @LisaG and @frie to discuss this further.

You can listen to the episode about the Weltladen project here (in German).

Get and give feedback

Of course, we also want feedback from you and the NPO partner organisation so that we can improve our projects in the future and to know whether the project has helped our project partner.

For that, we have created a feedback form:

The default language of the form is German but it can be switched in the top right corner with a dropdown.

Please forward the survey to the NPO. Please inform the project coordinator before you forward the survey so that they can add the project ID to the survey.

If you want to give more direct feedback and/or suggest improvements to the structure of our data4good projects, please don't hesitate to contact Frie or Manuel directly.

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