The blog is something like a big playground. Of course, for CorrelAid, it also has a purely practical function: we publish reports about our meetings, events, etc., and then share them on social media -- classic public relations work. So if you want to share something from your local chapter (like a report about a hackathon or the like), just join the slack channel #pr-blog!

At the same time, the blog also offers CorrelAid members the opportunity to share their ideas or analyses. This can start very small with a small evaluation/visualization or an explanation of a statistical phenomenon. But it can also lead to a large, comprehensive analysis with various interactive graphics. If you have ideas, just write to slack #pr-blog.

Finally, if it turns out, we are always happy to have guest posts or cross posts on our blog. So if you know someone outside of CorrelAid (scientists, activists etc.) who we should collaborate with, please shout it out in #pr-blog.

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