Gitbook for documentation

Gitbook is originally a tool for developers to build documentation. We use it to write and and maintain documentation that is mostly static, i.e. does not change often, and does not need to be edited by many people.

One example of a Gitbook is this page, our docs. It can be either edited through the Gitbook editor (accessible only to people invited to our Gitbook team) or by using GitHub where the files are stored.


I want to contribute a small section or propose a small change to the docs.

Please make a pull request to the GitHub repository.

I want to write a longer section.

Please ask in #infrastructure for the signup link. Then you'll be able to join our Gitbook space and add your content using the Gitbook editor.

I heard that the CorrelAidX Berlin chapter maintains their meeting minutes and projects on Gitbook. How can I read them?

Please ask in #lc-berlin for the link that'll give you read or write access to the Berlin Gitbook team.

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