Conference calls ​☎

The conference calls (also called "TelKos" from German "Telefonkonferenz" which is the translation of "conference call") are an important CorrelAid communication channel. ☎️ In addition to the general calls here, there are typically a lot more calls going on each week: in local chapters, project teams, and other internal initiatives/projects (e.g. the podcast team). Check out the respective channel to learn more about when the next virtual meeting is going to happen.

Call schedule

Up until 2020, we had a call every week. However, we've found that this is not ideal anymore as we grow and more and more people joined and activities grew. Up until 2022, we had a biweekly "core team call".

As of January 2022, the call schedule is as follows: Calls are generally on Monday at 7pm (Berlin time) until agreed upon otherwise. On the first and third Monday, we take the time to focus on specific groups in our network: CorrelAid "newbies" and our local chapters.

Ps: Before anyone asks: In case there's a 5th Monday in a month, there is no call. 😉

Open / Onboarding Call: 1st Monday

What: Open / onboarding call. This call is open to anyone who is interested in our work. We share important updates from the CorrelAid world, answer questions and provide some onboarding information for CorrelAid "newbies".

When: 1st Monday of each month, 7pm (Berlin time).

Where: The open call is held on Zoom. To register and to get access to the link, click here or take a look at our event calendar. It should be possible to participate in your browser without downloading the Zoom client on Mac and Windows. On Linux, it might be necessary to download the Zoom client which should be available in the package manager of your distribution. If this does not work for you, please feel free to drop us an email so that we can look for an alternative that works smoothly on all operating systems.

CorrelAidX / Local Chapter Call: 3rd Monday

What: CorrelAidX local chapter coordination call. This call is for representatives of our local CorrelAidX chapters to exchange ideas, resources and strategies on how to implement data for good on the local level.

When: 3rd Monday of each month, 7pm (Berlin time).

Where: The local chapter call is held on Slack in the #lc-team channel. You need to download the app or the desktop version in order to participate in the call - the browser version is not sufficient from our experience. If you do not have a Slack account yet, you can easily get one - see here.


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