NextCloud / Storage Share

Starting April 2023, we have a so called Storage Share at Hetzner. This is the NextCloud offering of Hetzner.

The instance is on


NextCloud has groups like Google Workspace. We aim to mirror the structure of the Google Groups in Google Workspace on NextCloud. They are called the same, except for the group prefix: so, group-ethics-committee is ethics-committee on NextCloud.

While we have separate groups for the heads of each group in Google Workspace, we don't have this on NextCloud as there are far fewer groups and people active on there. Instead, people who are heads on Google Workspace will be group admins of their NextCloud groups.

Group administrators have the rights to create, edit and delete users in their assigned groups. Group administrators cannot access system settings, or add or modify users in the groups that they are not Group Administrators for.

Manage people to the group you're admin of

  1. Using the left sidebar, navigate to


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