Role definitions

At the local level, it makes sense to name contact persons for different tasks. Roughly, the tasks of the local groups can be divided into two areas: community and projects. The following two profiles are designed to help you create clearer responsibilities. It is of course still possible and useful that individual tasks are taken over by other group members or that formats, such as the data dialogue, are organized in close cooperation.

Community management

The Community Magager is the contact for both interested data scientists from the area as well as for the CorrelAid team on a nationwide level. Among the tasks of the community managers are the fields of network and communication. Possible formats would be the organization of (regular) meet-ups, workshops, kaggle-challanges and / or communication with other local organizations in the field of data science.

Project management

The project manager is the contact person for local organizations who would like to carry out a project with your local group. They are also responsible for the initiation and administration of current projects. The tasks include contacting, managing the ideation process with the NPOs and consulting the project administrators in the CorrelAid team. It is of course also possible to carry out "internal" projects within the local group. More precise steps for the tendering and implementation of a project at the local level can be found in the project manual.

Specific task forces

In addition, some local groups have formed other task forces. For example, there are sub-teams that take care of project acquisition, marketing and education. Some chapter defined a CorrelAidX ambassador as well: one person who joins the monthly CorrelAidX calls (every third Monday of the month) and reports back to the chapter.

In the internal CorrelAidX documentation, these roles can be found in the respective chapter subpages. Again, Isabel is also available to provide advice on this topic.

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