Hi! Welcome to the CorrelAid docs. Here, we have collected information about how we work internally. All the content is continuously evolving and changing as we grow as an organization. We hope to document the status quo here but sometimes things might change.

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There are four main sections:


How does CorrelAid internally work? Who do I need to talk to if I need xyz?

pageHow We work - Hitchhiker's Guide to CorrelAid

CorrelAidX Manual

All about how local chapters work, how you can start your own, what you can do in a local chapter, different possible formats etc.

pageWhat is CorrelAidX?

Project Manual

A manual for coordinators and leads of CorrelAid projects. But might be interesting to everyone else as well! This is still a work-in-progress.

pageCorrelAid Data4Good projects


Here, we share resources from CorrelAid events and workshops such as:

  • slides from the annual CorrelCon (formerly known as "the meetup")

  • slides and material from the Open Online Data Meetup series

  • other collections of useful links and resources

If you cannot find the answer to your problem, do not hesitate to contact frie.p@correlaid.org or ask your question in #help on Slack.

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