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Everything seems to be on Slack! How do I get on there?

If you want to become part of our Slack, drop an email to Frie or Isabel. If you are already member of our Slack and would like to see your friend become part of the team, you can also request an invite from within Slack.

Who do I ask when about what?

You can find more info about our structures and the CorrelUniverse here in the Docs or in our Dashboard. Here you can find information about who to contact if you need system access, want to join teams or need a contact person for other topics. If that doesn't help you, feel free to contact info@correlaid.org!

Do you also have email?

Yes, sure! You can find some of our contacts on the website. Or in the answer to the question above. 😉


I can't push to the Git repository ("access rights" error). What's up there?

You don't seem to have the correct permissions. Ping Frie in Slack (@frie) and they'll grant you the correct permissions.


I need a virtual machine / server for our CorrelAid project. Who can help me?

Frie can maybe set up something for you on our Azure Cloud.

I need a subdomain / DNS record set up

Frie can set this up for you in Manitu. Please send a justification why you need this & relevant documentation along via Slack.


I need my own @correlaid.org email address. How do I get it?

Request a Google Workspace account via this form. Isabel or Frie will create the account for you within 1-2 days.

How can I change my password?

Read here.

What is a personal email vs. a group email?

Read on here.

I don't get the emails of my local chapter (e.g. berlin@correlaid.org) in my personal inbox (e.g. frie.p@correlaid.org)?

This is intentional. While this might be annoying at first - having to switch between accounts - it has advantages:

  • Transparency: when you answer an email from the shared inbox, other people with access can see the conversations. In contrast, if you answered an email to info@ or berlin@ from your personal inbox, the others could not see that.

  • Clear lines: it's clear what is your personal business and what is business of the LC/group. For example, having a distinct personal inbox enables you to get personal invitations to events/meetings.

How can I access the emails of my local chapter (e.g. lc-jena@correlaid.org)?

Read here.

I should have access to a group email (e.g. konstanz@correlaid.org) but I don’t see it when I go to mail.google.com?!

You need to be logged into your personal Workspace account (e.g. frie.p@correlaid.org) in order to see the group mail. Also try:

  • logging out and back in of your account

  • reloading gmail

I have access to a group email (e.g. konstanz@correlaid.org) in the browser via this delegation thing. How do I get this on my smartphone or into my email client?

You don’t - at least not in a not totally user-unfriendly way. And it sucks! (picture Frie screaming into the void when they learnt about this).

This is why we share the credentials for the group account(s) you have access to with you via the KeePass database files. Read here.

Google Workspace

What is a Google group and why is this important?

Read here.

What is a personal account vs a group account?

Both are normal Google Workspace user accounts. The distinction is conceptual and specific to CorrelAid:

  • personal account: your own account in the CorrelAid Google Workspace. For example, phil.b@correlaid.org. Only you have access to this account. You can have a Google calendar for your CorrelAid volunteering, send/receive emails in your function as a CorrelAid volunteer (e.g. to communicate with project partners), collaborate on Google Drive, ...

  • group account: an account which is mainly there for the purpose of collaboratively managing emails, i.e. collaborative inbox. For example, each chapter has a group account / email, e.g. konstanz@correlaid.org. The respective local chapter heads (e.g. members of group-lc-konstanz-heads Google Group) have access to the credentials of this account so that they can collaboratively manage the inbox of this email address.

How do I migrate Google Docs/Sheet/Slides from my personal account?

See answer here.

How do I migrate a CodiMD pad to Google Docs?

See answer here.

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