Email & Webspace
Our Webspace is hosted by Manitu. It consists of:
  • Website Hosting
  • Domains
  • SQL databases
  • Email hosting

Login pages

Email and user settings

Forward DNS configuration

Email, user, general domain administration

Want to help us with administering our website or our email hosting? Ask Frie (@Frie) on Slack for access.

Inbox and email addresses

At Manitu, there is a distinction between username and your email address. This can be confusing because usually your username is also your email address (e.g. at gmail). In the following, we want to clear this up.

User name and inbox

Your username has the following pattern: {firstname}-{lastname}, e.g. frie-preu. Depending on context, you might also need to add, i.e. [email protected] Your username is associated with your** inbox. **Your inbox is the place where **all of your emails **are stored. Note: your username is not an email address (even though it looks like it): emails sent to [email protected] will not be delivered.
**To deliver emails to your inbox, we associate it with one or more email addresses. In Manitu terms, the user is the "target" (de: Ziel) of an email address. **

Email address

There are several types of email addresses at CorrelAid.
Each user / inbox can be the "target" of one or more email addresses. For example, the user / inbox frie-preu will get all emails that are sent to: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Other people are only the target of one address, e.g. our data security person is only the "target" of [email protected] He does not have a personal email address.
On the other hand, some email addresses have multiple "targets". Those are known as "distribution emails" (de: Verteiler). One example is [email protected]: Both Frie and Johannes receive those emails.
Special case for users with access to CorrelAidX Chapter addresses: If you logged in to Manitu for the first time with your {firstname}-{lastname} username, Manitu will assume that you want to send emails from this domain. This won't work, because there is no email associated with your username. The email will send, but people won't be able to reply to you.
This won't work!
Instead, you need to click on the pencil and create a new identity associated with the local chapter address from which your emails will be sent:
If you go back to emails, you can now send emails from your chapter address.\
This will work.

Manitu Webmail client

Manitu provides a webmail client under .
To login, please use the following information:
  • Benutzername (username): your username ({firstname}-{lastname}})
  • Passwort: your passwort
  • Domain:

Configuring Email Clients

You can find the basic settings for configuring your email client (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail) in the Manitu Wiki.
The following only applies if you have a Manitu account. Sometimes, we also have configured forwarding to external email addresses (such as your personal gmail address). In this case, you log into your own email address (e.g. gmail) to read your CorrelAid emails. If you're unsure, ask Frie.

Personal CorrelAid email address

For your personal CorrelAid address (e.g. [email protected]), you use:
What this will enable you to do:

CorrelAid Verteiler / distribution email

In case you are the "target" of a CorrelAid distribution email like [email protected], [email protected] etc. you can add it to your favorite email client by using:
  • email address / Email-Adresse: the email address you want to add, e.g. [email protected]
  • username / Benutzername: your username, e.g. [email protected]
  • password: your personal password for Manitu. There is no separate password for distribution emails.
  • for the server information, please see the Manitu wiki
What this will enable you to do:
  • read_ _emails that are sent to all email addresses that your user name is a "target" for, e.g. for Frie, it will contain all emails sent to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] This is a bit counterintuitive but you are logging into your **personal inbox (firstname-lastname) **which contains all of your emails, regardless of
  • send using the distribution email, e.g. Frie can reply to emails using [email protected]
You don't have to add (all) distribution emails you are a "target" of separately to your email client. You can already read all of them by just adding your personal email. However, if you only add your personal email address, you won't be able to reply using the distribution email, i.e. all your replies will come from your personal email address.


I need my own email address. How do I get it?

Please ask @Jan (Jan Dix) on Slack.

How can I add my email to Thunderbird, Outlook etc?

Please see the guide above.

How can I change my password?

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