Open Online Data Meetup

Material and slides from our Open Online Data Meetup (OODM) event series.

The Open Online Data Meetup (OODM) is an online-based meetup series which provides the space to share interesting insights and entertaining stories from the field of data science with other people from the community. OODM is organized by the CorrelAid Education Team together with CorrelAidX Bremen.

OODM 2: "Data Strategy: what it is and why every company needs one"

  • Date: 2020-07-22

  • Speaker: Sven Thies

OODM 3: "Interactive Science — Using Shiny and R to Make Research Accessible"

OODM 4: "The lazy data scientist: Automating things feat. R, Python, AWS, and a Pi"

How to store thousands of shared bike locations every 4 minutes into a database

Automated Reporting: Using R, AWS and Datawrapper to Automatically Create Tables and Charts

  • Speaker: Yannik Buhl

Automating data collection for CorrelAid - A (personal) evolution from Raspberry Pi to AWS

OODM 5: "Untangling Matplotlib: An Interactive Workshop"

OODM6: "Mobility Data"

Equality in mobility solutions for a world in which data are far from equal

  • Speaker: Mark Padgham

Measurig Air Quality and Counting Vehicles in a German city

  • Speaker: Pia Baronetzky

Using Mobility Data to Simulate the Impact and Opportunities of Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid

  • Speaker: Marcus Voß